Flame Resistant Clothing

Why the market for flame-resistant clothing is growing

Heard this last evening on public radio’s Marketplace show; was interesting and informative. As someone who works with high power electricity now and then; Flame Resistant (FR) clothing is de rigeur (and often a more protective Arc Flash rated suit). And as the article states “…typically, FRs were stiff and heavy, with little thought to fashion.”

It’s nice to see more stylish, comfortable, and flexible alternatives when it comes to protective garments.

The Drones are Coming

The Drones Are Coming
Transmission & Distribution World Magazine – May 28, 2015

Carl Tyburski, Eversource, and Alfred Gates, Central Connecticut State University

Mostly interesting because Eversource is my utility, and CCSU is located in New Britain, CT, our home city.

To date, the team has logged more than 200 test flights in close proximity of transmission lines and support structures. The UAS is operated by a pilot and observer, and is only flown next to the lines and structures to survey the equipment. The aircraft is always in the crew’s line of sight and is not flown freely along the right-of-way.

One of many wonderful applications for this new technology.