Power Quality

Power Quality Survey Analysis

PQ Analysis SnapshotPowerLines has the experience and tools to analyze most of the popular power analyzer data:

  • Dranetz / BMI
  • Reliable Power Meters (RPM)
  • Rx Monitoring Services

Automated report writing software can be useful, but often produces a 50-70 page report full of boilerplate text, oversimplified advice, and inconclusive actions items.

Let us convert that roll of data tape or that disk full of data into a custom report – a clear, concise, and professional summary of your power quality, with concrete recommendations and solutions to your site power problems.

Grounding and Bonding

Isolation Transformer GroundingIn most cases, it is very difficult to diagnose and resolve grounding and bonding problems remotely, or using test equipment alone. In most cases, the ground connections must be uncovered and physically inspected. PowerLines provides expert “on-site” inspection of facility grounds and overall electrical system bonding.

Grounding can seem to be a “black art” at times, surrounded by myth, hearsay, and anecdotal horror stories. PowerLines can help to remove the myth, and ensure that your facility or equipment grounding system is both safe and effective.

Power Conditioning Devices

Power ConditionerOdds are that you have power conditioners within your facility: TVSS devices, UPS Systems, all manner of isolation transformers and voltage regulators. You’re protected…or so you think!

In many cases, power conditioners themselves can cause power quality problems. The device may be improperly installed, undersized, or in need of maintenance. In other cases, the power conditioners may be performing as designed, but may not address the specific power quality problems that you are experiencing. PowerLines can assess the condition and performance of your power conditioning devices, and provide unbiased recommendations with regard to repairing, installing, replacing, or removing such devices.

Tools and Test Equipment

Power AnalyzerWe stay abreast of the specialized test equipment, meters, software, and tools used to detect, quantify, and document power quality and electrical problems. If you are looking to outfit your facility or your field service organization, working with PowerLines can save hours of research, ensure you are getting the right equipment, and save money spent on excess capability or inappropriate devices.

Wiring Problems and Code Violations

Circuit Breaker WiringAlthough traditional wisdom is that power quality problems originate “out there” (electric utility, other customers, or other loads), a large number of such problems are caused by wiring issues: undersized conductors or devices, inadequate or improper grounding and bonding, loose or corroded connections, etc.

PowerLines provides “eyes and ears” to spot these types of problems on site. Alternately, we can provide the support and  training so that your engineers or field representatives can identify and address these types of problems quickly and consistently.

Training and Support

Some Power Quality Consultants guard their secrets and get you hooked on their services. If your power quality problems are minor or infrequent, this may not be a bad arrangement.

PowerLines seeks to provide training to its OEM and service organization clients. Formal training programs can be developed, as well as documentation, installation instructions, and test procedures. Even if formal training is not developed, PowerLines reports contain complete explanations, photos, and diagrams that provide instruction as they identify and resolve problems.

In many cases, an email or phone call from PowerLines provides more background and site specific documentation than many site survey reports provided by others.

Electrical Safety

Magnetic Fields