Spreadsheets are integral to organizing, presenting, and maintaining large sets of data. However, most users never get past the simplest functions and features. PowerLines has expertise in developing complex, automated spreadsheets to assist clients in managing database content, presenting technical data, and quickly process information.

TEALwatch ViewerTEAL Electronics

PowerLines has developed and maintained an Excel based program, the TEALwatch Viewer, to import and display data from a proprietary power monitor, embedded into TEAL Electronics power conditioners and interfaces. The spreadsheet automatically imports data from multiple generations of power monitors, permits sorting and scrolling through events, and allow simple formatting of RMS voltage and current data for optimal display and export.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

FRFF Spreadsheet 1Since 2007, PowerLines has managed performer merchandise sales for a major New England folk festival. A primary component is a custom Excel spreadsheet that handles up to 100 individual artists: logging in merchandise, tracking additions and subtractions, calculating total sales and revenue, and printing multiple forms used in the retail space.

Automation has enabled the festival to process artist check-out in minutes, vs. hours, improved merchandise accuracy, reduced shrinkage, and provided a long term archive of sales.

SiemensSiemens Medical Systems

PowerLines produces power quality and environmental reports for Siemens Medical Systems. As part of this program, we’ve developed custom spreadsheets to import environmental data from Temperature & Humidity monitors and produce customized graphs that incorporate equipment requirements, and rate of change calculations.

Processing 100s of site per year, automated spreadsheets results in cost-effective reporting with fast turn-around.

est_logo_smEssex Steam Train & Riverboat

In 2010, the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat transitioned a manual ticketing system to an online, shopping cart system (Volusion). PowerLines conceived and implemented a complex ticketing system that managed multiple ticket classes, segment options, and passenger age classes. Crucial to this process was developing working spreadsheets to manage and auto-populate fields for over 10,000 products.

If you are spending many hours processing data, creating graphs, or doing other repetitive tasks, we can help to automate your tasks – saving time and money, and increasing productivity. Drop us a line, and ask how we can help!