PowerLines was founded in 1995 to provide independent Power Quality Consulting Services to medical imaging, industrial, and commercial clients. Based in Central Connecticut, we provide a diverse menu of services to Original Equipment Manufacturers, Service Organizations, and Individual Facilities.In recent years, PowerLines has diversified into media and marketing services, providing technology and creative services to a wide variety of customers: industrial, creative, tourism, and service industry.


November 2020: Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic on this end, no health issues or personal crisis to date! As we head into the 2nd (or 3rd) wave of this mess, waiting for the shit-show / circus in Washington D.C. to leave town and the Coronavirus vaccines to come online, a good time to update the PowerLines Blog:

We occasionally send out emails regarding PowerLines services, technical tidbits in the field of power quality, and new products and services that we’ve encountered in our work.