Corporate Kudos

Praise goes to Stor U Self, in Newington CT. I’ve had storage rooms in the past but this one (keypad access, environmental control, excellent ramp / loading dock, clean, well lighted, secure, and nice carts you can use) makes this the best such place I have seen. And cheaper than the U-Haul Storage rooms in nearby West Hartford….

I’ve also been continually impressed with Cables & Connectors, in Newington. If you need a cable (audio, video, computer, Cat-5, USB, etc.), adapter, component, or thingamabob, odds are good that they have it and a few variations. As a bonus, they are usually less expensive than Comp USA or Radio Shack. I’ve been over there picking up adapters and cables for the new office layout, and they had everything I needed. A real treasure….says Jude!


This one came in via email. More junk EMI/RFI shielding science (bamboo paper? Ha!), but with the added amusement of bad Chinese-English translation. This one will make it onto the Magnet Field links page next time it gets updated. Visit the website for such gems as:

Nowadays, the professional female massively enters into organizations such as management, trade, finance, posts and telecommunications and so on to deal with computers.


In the modern society, the computer has already become an essential tool for the people to live and work.

While it brings many conveniences to the people, it also brings some worries and anxieties, especially computer radiation, which does much harm to human body.
Through more than one year’ study and research, Xiongfeng Technology Cor., Ltd explores the first generation high-tech product—FANGFUWANG. FANGFUWANG makes full use of its powerful absorption so that it can effectively absorb any kind of electromagnetic wave (radiation) and prevent the disease caused by radiation. The main material of FANGFUWANG is active nanometer bamboo carton. Through Chinese and Japanese experts’ many years research and repeatedly proof, the nanometer bamboo carbon has the characteristics of being close and porous, and having strongly absorbable capacity. The characteristics of FANGFUWANG’s design are natural, environmental protection, convenient, which is not only taken as the interior decoration, but also used extremely convenient.

If you want to know more details, you can open the Xiongfeng Technology’s website at In our website, there are our product detailed instructions and test experiment, welcome to watch.

Now our company is looking for agents in the world who are interested in our products, and we are looking forward to your sincere cooperation.