Corporate Kudos

Praise goes to Stor U Self, in Newington CT. I’ve had storage rooms in the past but this one (keypad access, environmental control, excellent ramp / loading dock, clean, well lighted, secure, and nice carts you can use) makes this the best such place I have seen. And cheaper than the U-Haul Storage rooms in nearby West Hartford….

I’ve also been continually impressed with Cables & Connectors, in Newington. If you need a cable (audio, video, computer, Cat-5, USB, etc.), adapter, component, or thingamabob, odds are good that they have it and a few variations. As a bonus, they are usually less expensive than Comp USA or Radio Shack. I’ve been over there picking up adapters and cables for the new office layout, and they had everything I needed. A real treasure….says Jude!