Mozilla Firefox

Has become the official web browser of PowerLines – not that I was all that PO’d at Mr. Gates and Microsoft, but I do like spreading my affections around. (I have also staunchly avoided Outlook as long as I have been receiving email)

That being said, I find that a lot of my coding (including the PowerLines website) is not 100% HTML compliant.It looks fine in IE, but not in Firefox. I am working on that; but the paying clients get done first….so please be patient.

And have a happy new years, everybody!

2004 Wrap-up

Well, the numbers are in. We processed 391 sites worth of RPM and/or environmental power audit data for one of our OEM clients in 2004. I am fairly sure nobody comes close to looking at that much RPM data, and certainly nobody does it more cost-effectively. If you have underutilized RPM power analyzers or are not getting the full benefit of these boxes, drop us a line – we can probably help!

The Montreal Massacre (1989)

Today is a day that is set aside to remember the massacre of 14 women who died because they were trying to get into a male dominated profession.

In 1989, Mark Lepine entered the Ecole polytechnique engineering school in Montreal and walked around the school shooting any women he could find. He ended up killing 14 of them and then himself. He didn’t feel that women should be able to become engineers.

I was only a few years out of an engineering college at the time (where the M:F ratio was 13:1 in my graduating class), certainly the incident was less meaningful to me then than it is now. For the past 15 years, Dec. 6th has been set aside in Canada to remember these women and to remember all acts of violence against women.