2005 Wrap-up

Guess its that time again….

2005 was a good year for PowerLines. We reviewed data (power quality, environmental, or both) for 402 sites for one of the medical imaging OEMS. We connected with a handful of new OEM clients and continued to work with many more. Jude spent the summer working with the Connecticut Sun (WNBA) which does not have a lot to do with power quality, but was enjoyable nonetheless! And she visited a lot of states, put together a number of training programs, and in general, kept moving forward in power quality!

Thanks to all of my peers, clients, friends, customers, and collegues. December of 2005 marked 10 years in business as PowerLines. Hard to imagine….here’s to the next decade!

Safe and happy new year to all, and a most successful 2006!

Sometimes its not Power Quality

Evansville IN – an interference problem in a Cath Lab….

Checked the touch voltages, the leakage currents, tried some isolation / floating things – some issues discovered but nothing easily resolved. Fortunately, it turns out that 12 cables between high frequency motor drives and the applicable motors (lots of high frequency!) were installed with the braided shields floating.

I watched the OEM and the local service engineer reterminate things so that the shields got grounded. And the problem went away.

It’s less satisfying when its not the power, but its great that the issue has been resolved….

RSNA 2005

Back from Chicago – my 2nd RSNA in a row and probably something like my 10th overall. Thank goodness I no longer work set-up (I coordinated the electrical stuff for one of the OEM’s in a previous life) – the folks who do that and live in Chicago for two weeks are surely ridden hard and put away wet. Even when I did work the show I rarely stuck around for more than a day or two once the meeting opened. Thankfully, the weather was pretty good – balmy Sun-Mon, colder Tues-Wed, some rain in between (but no snow). I even got some Jazzercise in over at Mercy Hospital (Class #2790, and a huge thanks to Marcia for the welcome!)

Not too many power quality folks there: Staco, CAT / Activepower, and TEAL Electronics were about it. Lots of interest in the new TEALwatch power monitor – which will hopefully translate into some work for me.

To everyone I met and spoke to, hello – feel free to call or drop an email if you have power quality questions or issues. To those, I missed – there is always next year!