RSNA 2005

Back from Chicago – my 2nd RSNA in a row and probably something like my 10th overall. Thank goodness I no longer work set-up (I coordinated the electrical stuff for one of the OEM’s in a previous life) – the folks who do that and live in Chicago for two weeks are surely ridden hard and put away wet. Even when I did work the show I rarely stuck around for more than a day or two once the meeting opened. Thankfully, the weather was pretty good – balmy Sun-Mon, colder Tues-Wed, some rain in between (but no snow). I even got some Jazzercise in over at Mercy Hospital (Class #2790, and a huge thanks to Marcia for the welcome!)

Not too many power quality folks there: Staco, CAT / Activepower, and TEAL Electronics were about it. Lots of interest in the new TEALwatch power monitor – which will hopefully translate into some work for me.

To everyone I met and spoke to, hello – feel free to call or drop an email if you have power quality questions or issues. To those, I missed – there is always next year!