Been a While

Life gets busy, eh? Apologies for not blogging here of late. A few updates….

The good folks at Dranetz-BMI stopped by; I went to a seminar in Springfield, and liked what I saw, and they brought down the PX-5 power analyzer. FINALLY something from them that I think we can work with. I’ve always been a BMI kind of power quality person, never liked Dranetz (from the 626 backwards text printing, to the penchant for the 656 and 4300 to fill up memory) but I think in the PX-5, they have finally melded the BMI and Dranetz technologies (giving you options with each philosophy), the memory technology has become cost effective, and the GUI / operating system seems flexible and powerful (as opposed to powerful and cumbersome). I’m strongly recommending these to some clients and look forward to developing reports and analysis tools for them.

Magnetic fields are back on my mind – an upcoming site visit to a clinic on Long Island, and some inquiries for a magnetic field training program. I recently picked up a DC gaussmeter, and I am thinking of putting together a small book or manual on B-field hunting…..

Finally, you can catch me live at the upcoming Power Quality Conference in Long Beach, CA – I’ll be presenting my paper “Optimizing Mains Impedance: Real World Examples” on Thursday morning (October 26th), then chairing a workshop on Wiring and Grounding. And I’ll be working with TEAL Electronics at the upcoming RSNA meeting in Chicago – look for us in the South Building – Hall A, Booth 1815. Nothing like late November in Chicago to get you in the holiday spirit, put the chill of winter into your bones, and get your corns and bunions aching!