Power Quality 2008

I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas at the end of the month for the Power Quality Conference, held concurrently this year with the Electric West show.

On Thursday, Feb 28th I’ll be chairing PQT 6: Energy. Oh goodie – I’m such a fan of companies that promote “Energy Savings Through Power Quality”. I’m all for energy savings and all for power quality, but I am dubious about companies and products that promise both. Smoke and mirrors, often.

On Friday, Feb 29th, I’ll be presenting a paper in session PQT 9 – Case Studies – Medical entitled “Power Quality in the Mobile Medical Environment”. Once again, it will be me, and two presenters from GE Healthcare. Also, someone from EPRI (last conference, it was me and three GE Healthcare papers).

If you are headed to the conference, do look me up, and say hello!