Hartford Courant: Small Engine Fuels Big Ideas

LiquidPiston Inc. has an iPhone-sized engine it says could lead to quieter power generators, lighter weed-whackers, and more efficient unmanned flying drones. At 4 pounds, the three-horsepower X Mini gasoline engine, which the Bloomfield company planned to unveil Wednesday morning at an industry conference in Italy, boasts just two moving parts — a shaft and a rotor — and weighs 30 percent less than engines of comparable strength. – Hartford Courant, Nov 19, 2014

PowerLines visited Liquid Piston back in 2012 – they were having some noise issues in their instrumentation / test rig (which is featured in the video below), and we helped out with grounding and shielding recommendations. We were duly impressed with what now appears to have been their X2 engine; really neat technology especially in light of electric vehicles. The X Mini also seems pretty innovative.

It’s awesome to see technology being developed in the state, and to have even a tiny part in it!