Via Linked In / Pulse – Experiential Marketers: The Essex Steam Train Will Blow Your Mind

Came across this review / write-up of the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat’s North Pole Express event today.

If your expertise is crafting product experiences, the Essex Steam Train is a humbling display of perfection. Essex is a great reminder of what kids marketing is about: creating a prolonged state of pure joy.

It is, in a word, amazing. Frighteningly positive in fact. PowerLines has been working with the folks at Essex Steam Train & Riverboat since 2002 – building their first official website, and growing with them to manage social media, blogs,  email marketing, and maintain their website. We’ve been up and down over the years, but the present product and the team behind it, is pretty amazing.

I can’t personally take credit for their various events and excursions, but having witnessed the evolution over the years, I’m proud to be part of the “public face” of this venerable Connecticut destination and company.