Hell Week (Christmas in September)

NPEEach fall, PowerLines takes off our Electrical Engineering cap and puts on our Social Media hat (and eCommerce scarf) as we support the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat during the first few days of selling tickets for their very popular North Pole Express excursion.

When we started working with the folks in Essex (way back in 2002) they ran two Polar Express trains an evening, with nine operating days (Fri-Sun in December)

In 2015, there are four North Pole Express (Warner Brothers bought the rights to the Polar Express name) trains per evening, and thirty-six operating day, from Nov 12 – Dec 29. We started to sell tickets online way back in 2003 (with a javascript ordering form), in 2012 we transitioned to an eCommerce site (Volusion), and in 2015 we’ve moved over to Shopify. PowerLines has done all the eCommerce work – setting up the sites, creating a product database, and managing products from now until the holidays, but especially over the first few days.

These popular tickets sell out quickly – with Saturday tickets going within an hour or so. And throughout, we also keep a close eye on Social Media – addressing customer questions, concerns, and yes, doing a little bit of hand-holding and commiseration of disappointed customers whose desired tickets have sold out.