Adventures in (ancient) HTML – Jeopardy

In this week’s “adventures in self employment”, I re-purposed a Jeopardy game (hard code HTML) that I developed back in 1998 for a corporate gig, for a friend’s church event. The friend was the event / production client back in the day so of course remembered the game.

Jeopardy Screenshot 1

It’s designed to run on a PC / laptop, and a scan converter used to crop to the game board for projection (leaving the controls on the right side of the laptop, offscreen). Reportedly, 2015 tech (touchscreen) makes this even easier to operate (I was doing it with a mouse, back in the day). Note the controls for “Black Screen” (useful for a broadcast or projected meeting) and also “Event Logo” (useful for a meeting slate). Sneaky trick: I used the browser / html “followed link” function to set the number values to the same color as the background (thereby rendering them invisible) – you just need to clear the browser history to reset the game board. The links / content are still there – just can’t see them 🙂

Jeopardy Screenshot 2

I was relieved that the IE “non-standard” code I used to play the sounds <bgsound> is still valid. And also that I still have the HTML mad skillz to tweak the template a bit – added a “buzzer” feature and resized the screen to take advantage of larger displays – in short order. Also, the fact that I still had the game stashed in my archives, 18 years later.

Jeopardy Screenshot 3

The best part – the entire game, compressed, with graphics and sound effects, under 150KB.