All Better!

Recall the case back in December when we identified a power conditioner that had apparently gone bad? When Power Conditioners Go Bad (5Dec15)

We received a follow-up power audit this week from the same site. Apparently, the power conditioner or UPS has been replaced or repaired. All better! We don’t often get to see such a full life cycle (good power → bad power → good power) but when we do, it feel good to be part of the solution!

Hannibal SnapshotVoltage waveforms are sinusoidal and well balanced, under all load conditions

Hannibal RMSRMS voltages are very stable and well regulated, with small load related fluctuations

Hannibal THDVoltage THD is low throughout the monitored period, under all line and load conditions

White Paper: Power Strip Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Came across this courtesy of the folks at 24×7 Magazine and Tripp-lite Corporation

Power Strip Safety and Regulatory Compliance:
A Comprehensive Guide to Utilizing Power Strips in Healthcare Facilities

Executive Summary
As the use of power strips in hospitals has become more widespread, their misapplication has also become increasingly prevalent. Incorrect use of power strips in healthcare facilities can result in citations, fines, or even patient injuries. This White Paper discusses the common mistakes made in using power strips in healthcare applications and introduces a methodology to promote safety and compliance. Moreover, this White Paper examines the most current codes and standards governing power strips in healthcare applications and the ways those codes and standards may impact your healthcare facility.

Download Here

Dr. Peter Meadow / Chiropractic Center of Farmington

We’ve been setting up a new, responsive website for Dr. Peter Meadow / Chiropractic Center of Farmington

It’s been fun (so far), although populating new websites (photos, content) is always a bit like pulling teeth. Still, we’ve got some fancy Search Engine Optimization, a blog (artfully disguised as Latest News),  an embedded Google Map, and Google Analytics.

As an old school HTML coder who avoided Dreamwweaver and other design tools over the years, it has taken me a while to warm up to WordPress. However, I’ve enjoyed working with it over the past few years, and look forward to keeping up with changing times going forward!

Lousy Power? Or Lousy Voltage Probes?

When is a voltage problem an actual case of poor power quality, and when is it instrumentation?

We received a data set this morning that seemed, on first glance to have spectacularly bad power.

Voltage Probe RMSPhase AB voltage is marginally high (500 Vrms, for a 480 Vrms source) but Phases BC and CA show serious issues with voltage level, sags, and waveform distortion. We rolled up our sleeves.

However, if did not take long to realize we were on a Wild Goose Chase. Specifically, event waveshape graphs show arcing that is typically associated with a loose or intermittent connection, but no apparent impact on load current.

Voltage Probe Event 1More damning, zooming out to the RMS level shows very significant shifts in RMS voltage on Phases B-C and C-A, with absolutely no change in RMS current.

Voltage Probe Event 2We’re sending this one back to the client to review. We might still be able to pull out a bit of analysis based on Phase A-B only – but it will be very limited.

One of the benefits of having a live human being performing your power quality analysis – we spot these things in a way that automated report writers can not!



All Aboard – Essex Steam Train Tickets

We’ve been busy this late winter setting up ticketing systems for our friends at the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat. PowerLines has been supporting the folks at Essex since 2000; with website design, social media, email marketing, and in recent years, eCommerce through a variety of online providers.

We transitioned to a Shopify based ticketing site for the 2015 Santa Special and North Pole Express departures, and this spring, we’re selling tickets for the Essex Clipper Dinner Train, brand new Steam Train & Riverboat Lunch Excursion, and returning Friday Night Sunset Cruise.

Shopify-bag-and-logotypeWith a wide variety of products and ticketing options, developing and maintaining the ticketing systems can be challenging – right down our alley! You can see our handiwork in operation here.