OM Street 2016: Lessons Learned

OM Street 2016 Stage

Om Street 2016 has come and gone, and it was a big success on all counts. From the audio / tech perspective, lots of positive improvements from previous years, and thought it would be useful to document those.

Sound Systems: New for 2016, we were able to provide all of the sound reinforcement in house (yoga studio equipment and PowerLines equipment). While the equipment we’ve picked up is far from top-end or state of the art,  it was solid and worked well. In previous years, rented or borrowed equipment introduced a bit of unknown that could complicate the set-up.

Speaker Cables: Picked up some additional lengths of speaker cables this year – 2 x 50′ and 2 x 15′ speakon-to-1/4″. This gave me plenty of length to push the speakers right to the curb – aesthetically better and safer.

Om Street 2016 Instagram 2Band Sunscreen:  The band had asked to move across the street for shade. Not that practical (no super-long snake, no power on that side of the road, more narrow space with a sidewalk that can not be blocked) but I promised to set them up a sun-screen. I fab’d something from lighting truss and a couple of tapestries; one of our teachers is a set designer for Hartford Stage and buffed it up, and it was perfect.

Band Monitors: In previous years, the band set up a small PA and mixed themselves, and sent me a mix out to mains. Not a good plan. Then I took all the instrument feeds to mix and sent them a monitor feed for their little PA. Better, but lots of feedback potential (they tend to move the mics a lot and swap out instruments). This year, I dumped their PA (and insisted it not show up) and gave them a small headphone amp / distro with 4 separate outputs, and headphones for monitors. PERFECT. They got their sound without a lot of external interference, and I got zero band feedback.

Band Talkback: We’re a small event / location and do not own or rent PL headsets for communications. Instead, I set up two dedicated mics for the band and I which went ONLY to the monitors. With all of us on monitor headsets, it made it MUCH easier to set up the band mics and monitors, and then I simply pulled those mics out for the event.

We also streamed it via Facebook Live this year, so if you’d like to watch:

Om Street: Yoga Gathering Draws 2,000 To West Hartford Center (Hartford Courant, 7/23/16)

‘Om Street’ Draws Record Crowd of Yogis to West Hartford (, 7/23/16)