Won’t Get Fooled Again . . .

No critique or judgement implied in the title of this post, just the lyrics of The Who’s song “…meet the new boss…same as the old boss…” percolated to the surface as I came across this press release last recently:

MTE Relaunches Prestigious TEALĀ® Brand for Precision Power (March 30, 2022)

Teal Electronics Corporation was my first and best client for many years. I worked closely with them developing and managing the PDU (Power Distribution Unit) for medical imaging systems with my then-employer Philips Medical Systems. I’ve consulted with them for ages – working on training, applications notes, customer support (remote and in the field).

I’m particularly fond of an Excel based viewer for their TEALwatch product – which you can see a bit of the GUI from here – Dedicated Line, Back to the Service Entrance

Times change, principals and technical contacts move on, we dropped the retainer in 2011, and my last invoice to them was 2015. They were purchased by MTE Corp in 2016, and despite a few fleeting contacts, my relationship with the company effectively ended. My guess is that the TEAL business unit itself got a bit lost in the shuffle.

They do seem to have tweaked the logo a bit. So that’s something . . .

I’m only slightly amused / disappointed that the sum total of the MTE / TEAL application library consists of 3 applications notes, the last survivors of a series I wrote for TEAL back in 1995….