Jude at Work 2Judith (Jude) Russell is a 1983 graduate (BSEE) of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA, where she majored in Analog Design, with a concentration in Music.

After graduation, Jude accepted a position at the Superior Electric Company (Bristol, CT), in the Research & Development group. Working on the controls and power circuitry for UPS Systems, Voltage Regulators, as well as the VMD family of power line monitors, under the tutelage of Dr. Albert Perrins, she began what has become a life-long interest and specialty in the fields of power quality and power conditioning.

In 1986, Jude moved to Rapid Power Technologies (purchased by Dynapower Company), where she continued her work on power conditioning devices, including tap-switchers, 400 Hz power converters, and other power conditioning technologies.

In 1989, Jude joined Philips Medical Systems, working out of the Shelton, CT headquarters in the Site Planning department, as the resident Electrical Engineer in charge of the field Power Quality program. During her six years at Philips, Jude assisted in the resolution of scores of on-site power quality problems, developed training programs, a regional power specialist program, and had primary technical responsibility for the design and development of the Philips Power Distribution Unit (PDU) – a power quality solution that is used to this day, and powers MR, CT, and Cardio-Vascular imaging systems in every major hospital in the United States.

Jude’s work with the PDU program began a longstanding relationship with Teal Electronics Corporation, a San Diego based power solutions provider.

In 1995, Jude left Philips Medical in order to form PowerLines, an engineering and consulting services company. Jude remains active in the areas of power quality, both for the medical imaging market as well as industrial, commercial, and retail sectors. Her client base has included all of the major medical imaging companies; and her work has taken her to Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as well as most of the contiguous US states.

At present, Jude reviews and analyzes hundreds of power monitor datasets for Siemens Healthcare, as well as a number of other OEM customers.

In the course of building her business, Jude has applied her technical and communications skills to build a sub-specialty in Marketing and Media Services. She has worked with her clients over the years developing manuals, applications notes, articles, and training programs. In addition, Jude designs and manages web sites for a number of clients, implements bulk email marketing, and manages social media programs.

In addition to engineering, Jude is a registered yoga teacher (RY-200), teaches weekly at West Hartford Yoga, and since 2010, has assisted the West Hartford Yoga teacher training program. She crews, or “chases”, for a hot air balloon pilot. She plays bass and guitar for The Guinea Pigs, a local folk-pop-rock band. And she runs the sound for concerts, kirtans, and insanely large yoga classes.

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