Jude has been blogging since the earliest days of the internet; one of her trophies is a Blogger sweatshirt bestowed when Google purchased Blogger back in 2003, transitioned it to a free service, and handed out swag to their paid customers.

At present, she maintains the following blogs:

PowerLines Blog – An insiders blog for those interested in Power Quality, with information on current events, test equipment, power conditioning equipment, and the occasional rant & rave.

Residential Power & Energy Blog – A new blog devoted to residential and small commercial applications, spotlighting electrical basics, measuring equipment, energy savings, power quality, lighting, green power, back-up power systems, vehicle power interface, and renewable power.

Scenic Root – A personal blog, since 2005. Covering a diversity of subjects including yoga, folk music, movies, central Connecticut arts and politics, home improvement, hot air ballooning, and anything else shiny and new.